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Mining Extension Program

The Mining Extension Service was established in 1913 to extend the resources and expertise of West Virginia University to the coal miners of this state and subsequently the nation. We provide opportunities for personal, educational and industrial advancement through instructional courses. Our instructors are certified to teach:

  • Foreman/Fireboss Certification
  • 80-hour Underground New Miner Training
  • 40-hour Surface New Miner Training
  • 40-hour Electrical Apprentice
  • Electrical Refresher Training
  • Mine Fire Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • other related courses as requested.

The structure of the Mining Extension Service consists of both on- and off-campus staff and faculty. On-campus support includes centrally located administrators, instructional specialists and clerical personnel. These individuals handle administrative problems, supply materials, develop new instructional materials and conduct research relevant to miner training.

Teaching is handled by the field instructors who live and work in the major coal-producing region of the state. Each instructor combines a strong academic background with an equally strong mining background.

The Mining Extension Service also encompasses the Emergency Preparedness Program.

Download our Mining Extension Service Program pdf

Mine Emergency Preparedness Program

Established in 1992, the Mine Emergency Prepared Program is dedicated to preparing coal miners to handle emergency conditions. Mine fire safety, confined space operations (specific to mining), industrial firefighting and mine rescue team training is provided. Our programs consists of not only classroom instruction, but also the more important hands-on exercises.

Emergency preparedness training is conducted either at the Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies in Core, the Mine Simulation Laboratory at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beckley or onsite at a company using our specially designed mobile training units.

MTUs are equipped with a changeable smoke maze (confidence maze) for SCBA practice, SCSR expectations training and confined space drills. Practical, hands-on extinguisher and hose experience training can be provided by the use of remotely controlled fire plans, also a feature of the MTUs.

We can provide an on-site assessment of your company's fire readiness and adjust the training exercises to meet your needs. Don't let a fire emergency shut down your operation. Be ready for tomorrow's emergency by preparing today. Contact us for scheduling or for more information.

Emergency Preparedness Planning Manual

Download the Mine Emergency Preparedness Program pdf

Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies

The West Virginia University Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies, also known as Dolls Run, is located 10 miles from WVU's Evansdale Campus in Core. A key component of the facility is its simulated underground mine lab, which was dedicated in 2009.

The steel facility can be set up in a typical three-entry gate section approach or turned sideways into a five-entry sub main with a section breaking off to the left. The facility is ventilated with a high-volume, low-pressure diesel fan, which can be relocated depending on approach and can be set up for blowing or exhaust ventilation. The lab has a four-inch water line installed along the conveyor belt, which is plumbed into a 10,000-gallon holding tank and pressurized by a gasoline-power pump, both of which are exterior to the mine, and is complete with fire taps and shut-off valves along its entirety. There is a state-of-the-art burn area located within the mine, where active firefighting is conducted. Several theatrical smokers are staged throughout to provide another aspect to training.

The simulated mine has several mobile mine equipment props, a non-functioning actual load center, several adjustable regulators, and an overcast. There is a lifeline installed in both the primary and secondary escape ways, and the simulated mine also has a Strata Fresh Air Bay training model.

The Academy has hosted both skills competitions and mine emergency response development drills for coal mines, and has hosted metal-non-metal mines for mine rescue and fire brigade training for teams from an Alaskan gold mine and a New Mexican pot ash mine. All told, the Academy has hosted miners from 11 states and several foreign countries.

Directions to WVU Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies

  • From either North or South take I-79 to Exit 155 toward West Virginia University
  • Travel a short distance (go through the first stop light)
  • Turn slight left at second stop light onto US-19/WV-7 (Sheetz Store will be on the right) and go 1.6 miles
  • Turn left onto WV-7 and go 3.9 miles
  • Turn left on Little Indian Creek Road and go 0.7 miles
  • Turn left into Training Center

WVU Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies
2870 Little Indian Creek Road
Phone: 304.983.6463